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How are Ambra and Attilio discovering the world?

Favorite place

“It is definitely Morain Lake in Banff national park, Canada. It's a wonderful place, even though it’s usually very crowded, but if you wait until late at night when the crowd is gone you have this amazing lake, with the mountain surrounding it reflected in the calm waters, the peaks always a bit snowy and the forest all around, it’s just magical.”


It was almost summer in 2016 when Ambra and Attilio were preparing for a new adventure in Iceland. They planned to do the biggest hike they had ever done. 90 km of unforgettable landscapes could exhaust their bodies, but even that didn’t make them give up on the idea and they looked for some support mainly for clothing and equipment. By chance, a friend of Attilio knows our brand, and he knew that they were looking for some kind of collaboration. When they had the first contact with our products, they decided to contact us.

Because of their ambition, fearlessness and motivation for being outdoors Ambra and Attilio became our ambassadors. With pride, we provide the ideal conditions for Attilio’s fantastic photographs and together we capture memories and experiences.

"We received the items from Berg Outdoor a few weeks before the trip and we ended up having a wonderful experience and wearing the clothes almost every day. We took a good number of photos and we collected incredible memories. "-The World's Paths


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