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How is Luís discovering the world?

Favorite Place

Mongolia "For being the first country I visited that forced me to learn how to deal with discomfort and to get by with minimum conditions necessary to existence."


Luís charmed everyone with his uncomplicated and low-cost style of travel. In order to grow the project needed promotion by word-of-mouth, he would have to find some partners to help.

"I was in Hong Kong when a friend told me about the brand. I emailed Berg Outdoor in the summer of 2014 to explain what the World Sketching Tour project was about in the hope that they would have room for me. I received a positive response and at the end of the same year, while traveling to India, I received my first clothes and backpacks. The help I received from Berg Outdoor was crucial. A week before traveling to New Zealand I received all the winter clothes that made the trip comfortable, without this equipment the trip would have been impossible. Besides the comfort and privilege of using the products while traveling, I like to promote this Portuguese brand to other travelers. In addition to what I can tell them, they perceive the quality of the materials. " – Luis Simões

Luis found his love during his adventure and now they travel through South America spreading the project together.


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