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Photographer of nature, through his lens he reveals rare animals and unique landscapes. This makes him an adventurer with a cause. He lives in continuous search of a natural freedom, his work directed toward the preservation of the environment.
Through his photography, he constructs a bridge between man and nature in an appeal for preservation and awareness of wildlife.
Luis's work has not gone unnoticed. Throughout his career his photographs have frequently illustrated the pages of National Geographic Portugal.


How does Luis discover the world?
"Life and adventure are not found on the summit of the mountain, but on the path to get there"

In contact with the countryside, with each passing day, he discovered new insects, amphibians, and flowers. Macro photography became his primary photographic motif and it was in this way that he set out to make known the beauty that may cease to exist in a very short time.
A simple blog instigated what would be his adventure for the search of the perfect photograph. Shortly after this came the first request for publication. Since then Luis has realized great achievements.

Through photography he goes in search of new places and ways to represent them that no one else sees. Inspired by professional climbers, he encourages discovery and exploration.

These are the principles that he hopes to bring to the Portuguese market. Each month he embarks on trips that involve outdoor activities and seeks inaccessible places that challenge him to discover his own limits.

Favorite place

“Big Wild Island, which is 280kms south of Madeira Island, because it is a place of unexplored nature, where only biologists and nature guards visit.”


Luís work captured the attention of Berg Outdoor, he was already a fan of the brand from an early age, so we contacted him at the beginning of 2017.

"I associated my need for equipment according to the evolution of my career as I worked with several publications for National Geographic Portugal and following interviews on the Portuguese television channel RTP. That was the main reason I became an ambassador for the brand, an attempt to take the brand around the world. " – Luis Ferreira


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