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Monsanto Running Team – The companionship makes us go further
It was on the trails of Monsanto in 2011 that seven friends started the Monsanto Running Team. Since 2013, with a squirrel stamped shirt, every day they go out early to enjoy the communion of sport with nature.
From 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. is what we call “The hour of the squirrel”.


How do they explore the world?
Coaching with friends makes a lot more sense, they overcome challenges, distances and times that alone seem unattainable. Together they participate in the main national circuits of the association of Trail Running Portugal and although they do not look to win competitions simply having a back means you have to sweat and wear the sweatshirt! In 2017 the team went from a club to non-profit association, based in Lisbon and all training is open to anyone who wants to share the taste of outdoor sports.
Fifty-five individuals make up the team and invite the community of Monsanto and Sintra to become part of the Trail Running world while also organizing some long-distance training events over the weekend. The calendar includes several national events but also important international races such as the PTL race (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc), SwimRun and IronMan. Every year there are entries and departures from the Team, the main rule of admission is respect for team spirit

In 2016, we joined Monsanto Running Team, so that together we can meet new challenges and share experiences.

"Berg Outdoor is a young, modern brand, focused on the outdoor spirit and involvement with Nature, and the best part is: it’s Portuguese, which awakens in us a very positive feeling." – Monsanto Trail Running Team


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