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Sketching the World
The story of a man and his drawings on a journey in search of a better version of himself.
Luís Simões is a Portuguese who carries his talent around in his hands. After completing college in 2003, he became a 3d motion designer. A career constructed during a lifetime and steady employment however is not enough to keep him motivated. Besides drawing, Luís is innately curious and yearns to explore new realities every day.
Passionate about art, he felt the need to brush up his drawing skills and set off venturing around the world in search of a vibrant life of inspiration and self-fulfillment.
In March 2012 he left everything behind, took his sketchbooks and embarked on a 5-year journey during which he would explore 5 continents with a single goal: to make his dream come true and to feel truly happy.


How is Luís discovering the world?
This adventure initiated the World Sketching Tour project. This was the best way to share his vision of the world through drawing.
The idea of drawing a different place each day, never knowing how it would feel and how he would interpret it became the reason to start the adventure. He allows his curiosity to lead him to connection with others and do each thing with
patience and without rushing. When he decided to reserve 5 years for himself, Luís sketched places across Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Through his sketches, he intended to focus on the message and expressiveness, to detach himself from realistic representation and capture each moment spontaneously.

Favorite Place

Mongolia "For being the first country I visited that forced me to learn how to deal with discomfort and to get by with minimum conditions necessary to existence."


Luís charmed everyone with his uncomplicated and low-cost style of travel. In order to grow the project needed promotion by word-of-mouth, he would have to find some partners to help.

"I was in Hong Kong when a friend told me about the brand. I emailed Berg Outdoor in the summer of 2014 to explain what the World Sketching Tour project was about in the hope that they would have room for me. I received a positive response and at the end of the same year, while traveling to India, I received my first clothes and backpacks. The help I received from Berg Outdoor was crucial. A week before traveling to New Zealand I received all the winter clothes that made the trip comfortable, without this equipment the trip would have been impossible. Besides the comfort and privilege of using the products while traveling, I like to promote this Portuguese brand to other travelers. In addition to what I can tell them, they perceive the quality of the materials. " – Luis Simões

Luis found his love during his adventure and now they travel through South America spreading the project together.


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