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“See, try, and experience as much as possible. Create lasting memories and try things not everyone dares to. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!”.
A truly free state of mind. That's what they seek every day. Students, aspiring future engineers, and managers who represent a movement across the world. With a background as extreme sports athletes, they look for remote, isolated and open places and are constantly inspired by others who are pushing the boundaries of this kind of sports.
The mountains are their playground and they want to experience new sites, to be better athletes and to be able to handle any extreme situation.
Searching for unique landscapes, collecting memories in unknown places and reaching 5000 meters of altitude, they push their bodies to the limit just to feel the adrenaline running through their veins.


Freedom – The extraordinary form of living
It was in 2009 in Modena, Italy that Davide Guzzardi and Marco Barbieri started a movement that brings together local athletes to practice extreme sports. That’s how the Afterbang Squad was born.

Since then, Marco and Davide have kept the adventurous spirit of the project alive by organizing unconventional activities several times a year. Friends have joined the project and will be helping to spread the word.

The Pamir Highway offered the perfect mix of breathtaking scenery with danger always lurking, and was chosen for this reason to host a unique team experience. The list of different activities grew very quickly, including slacklining, alpine mountaineering and unconventional trips taken by the group’s members.

Press coverage and creating a broad, sports-focused fan base were some of the goals of the Afterbang Squad, as well as the involvement of more people in the project.
At the moment, team members are mainly from northern Italy, Austria, Germany, and North America.

When they are not traveling, they never miss an opportunity to go hiking and camping in the Austrian and Swiss Alps, as well as organizing ski trips to glaciers in France, Italy, and Austria. The outdoors is their home.

With the project, they were able to carry out diverse expeditions like a road trip in the USA in 2015; December of 2016 involved a “Winter trail” through the Lofoten Islands in Norway and in the same year they visited the Balkans. 2017 started with wild camping in Israel and a visit to the Azores Islands. They aim to continue to discover the hardest to reach places and most of all, practice new radical sports, to stay true to themselves.

Our favorite place

“Lofoten Islands in Norway and the Italian and Austrian Alps. There is so much diversity and things to experience in unique environments and beautiful scenery... it's so unique that we can’t get enough."


In March of 2017, Davide was living the student life in Lisbon. In the meantime, they were looking for a suitable partnership that shared their vision of “love for the outdoors”. That's how they got to Berg Outdoor.

"After our first contact and a long interview, we really wanted to be part of the family. We received the articles in mid-July, during the preparation period for our expedition to Tajikistan / Kyrgyzstan. "


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