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be always ready Life is like a mountain trail. Different paths, different options lead us to a common destiny: Adventure!
Get to know the stories of our ambassadors and athletes. What moves them, what passions they have and what drives them to truly live the Outdoors.
Marco de Gasperi & Elisa Desco
"When I run, I feel like this is my life, and sometimes I can't express how much mountain running is important to me"
Recommended by Marco & Elisa
"Because we’re always on the move, constantly travelling, we feel free of things that used to influence us, somehow. This is what gives us an amazing freedom."
It was in search of an alternative lifestyle that Elisabeth and Philip decided to embark on an endless journey. Both Austrians, they share a sustainable lifestyle supported by the desire of traveling and seeing new places. It was in accordance with this desire that they began to discover new stories where they connected with people and places and worked on one of their main passions: to film and photograph what they are experiencing and showing it in a unique way.
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"Challenges teach us that we actually always have to be ready for change. Our lives can change any day, at any moment."
Carlos Sá runs for the pleasure of conquering new peaks, but, more importantly, he runs to exceed his own goals. At the age of 12, he realized that running was one of his great passions and from early on, he accomplished great achievements in different athletics tracks. At 19, he worked and studied and the training sessions were done at night. It was a time marked by sacrifice and an adventurous spirit. But over the years, his lifestyle got in the way of this routine. Carlos became a sedentary person with his health starting to suffer; weighing more than 90 kg and smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Fed up with a life he wasn’t proud of, he heard the mountains calling and come back to training again, winning challenge after challenge. He’s now a full-time athlete that is totally dedicated to what keeps him alive, inspiring those who follow him on his journey.
Recommended by Carlos Sá
“Home is not our bed or our couch…it’s not the material things. It´s where we feel good”
It was in Turin, Italy, that they fell in love with the outdoors. Attilio and Ambra have been a couple since 2013 and what connects them is their passion for discovering new places. They love to explore the Alps, but also any other place in the world that in some way inspires their imagination. Although Attilio is a software programmer and Ambra an accountant, he is also a talented photographer and she loves to write. Soon after meeting each other they decided to combine their interests in a blog in which they share all their discoveries and adventures.
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"Life is not just about working and sleeping.We need to go out to connect with nature"

Virginia Perez is an athlete from the Prozis Xtrail Team equipped by Berg Outdoor. 16 years ago, she began to run together with her father but only as a hobby. She never really thought she could even win a race but, meanwhile, she has already won Spain's KV championship twice. It’s in the outdoors that she feels truly happy and the reason for leaving the city. In 2017, a serious injury forced her to stop training and withdraw from all competitions. She thought that she would never compete again. But she did, and she came back stronger than ever.
recommended by Virginia
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