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Sustainability - Social Responsibility

Partnerships with EOCA; Plantar Uma Árvore e Geopark

Every day we work to provide authentic adventures to anyone who wants to explore the world in search of true freedom. Finding the balance between the quality of our products and the need to contribute to a sustainable world is a daily challenge.

We seek to develop better products that reflect adventure alongside the preservation of Nature.

We climb mountains and overcome challenges to come up with better work processes, to protect the environment and for you, our customers. Thus, we combine our values with initiatives that work towards the sustainability and preservation of the landscapes that many of us travel the world to explore. For us, it's important to be part of great causes like EOCA, Plantar Uma Árvore, and the Geopark Estrela Association.

European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)

Established in 2006, this organisation was created by bringing together small outdoor companies with the objective of raising funds to finance projects that would support, conserve and protect the environment. Driven by love and dependence on the world outdoors, the European Outdoor Conservation Association was born. The EOCA's mission is to preserve ecosystems and wilderness for future generations. With the help of more than 130 members, it has supported more than 80 projects in 41 countries. Financing is obtained through joining fees for people joining at European outdoor fairs, and by the "Sustainable Member" program. Membership fees are 100% directed towards the funding of nature conservation projects.

The EOCA not only creates the opportunity to support environmental projects but also works to raise awareness of the care that must be taken to preserve the environment. Berg Outdoor has been a member of the EOCA since 2016 as a way to contribute to the conservation of the wilderness and ecosystems for future generations.

We take pride in being part of efforts to change the world and we know that the more companies join, the greater the difference will be that the European Outdoor Industry can make to the "outdoors" that we all enjoy.

Plantar uma árvore

On November 23, 2009, Portugal celebrated the day of the native forest. In Lisbon, an initiative brought together family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and acquaintances, with the goal of planting 1,000 trees, under the motto 1 Person 1 Tree. The success was so great that the idea was developed into a larger project using a simple and easy-to-execute model.

It was then that in 2012 the movement become a non-profit association. The objective is to enable citizens to intervene and learn about forest spaces and at the same time foster sustainability and participatory citizenship. With a volunteer program dedicated to the promotion and conservation of native forest and indigenous plant species, the association organises initiatives that make it possible for each citizen to plant and care for one tree per year.

We have been supporting the association since 2016 and we have been providing clothing for the team that is responsible for reforestation and organisation of the initiatives. We have also contributed to the purchase of 500 trees to help reforest a prehistoric forest on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. Reforestation with autochthonous plant species is fundamental in terms of the protection and recovery of biodiversity combined with its ecological sustainability.

Geopark Estrela Association

Geopark Estrela is a non-profit association, geared towards public usage, whose mission is to contribute towards protecting, promoting, and revitalising both natural and cultural heritage.

Formally created on May 6, 2016, but having been active since 2014, the GEA has as its main objectives to promote and carry out plans to develop 9 municipalities in a sustainable and balanced way, that is respectful of socioeconomic, cultural and environmental factors that ensure the territorial identity of the Serra da Estrela.

The Aspiring Geopark Estrela, which contributes to the protection, promotion, and revitalisation of natural and cultural heritage, promoting tourism, and the sustainable development of the Geopark Estrela territory, is the initiative for the application of the Serra da Estrela to become a UNESCO World Geopark.


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