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The World's Paths

Adventure Team

“Jumping into the unknown, exploring to exhaustion until we’re almost unable to breathe, but at the same time, collecting incredible memories!”

Who are?

It was in Turin, Italy that they fell in love with the outdoors. Attilio and Ambra have been a couple since 2013 and what connects them is their passion for discovering new places. It’s simple: it's the main motivation that keeps them wanting more. First, exploring the Alps, but also any other place in the world that in some way inspires their imagination.

Although Attilio is a software programmer and Ambra an accountant, he is a talented photographer and she loves to write. Soon after meeting each other they decided to combine their interests in a blog in which they share all of their discoveries and constant adventures.

How are they discovering the world?

Their talents came together and in 2014 they started The World's Paths. The project is a blog that has joined Attilio's dream - capturing stunning images and making his hobby a profession. At first, the blog started out as a joke, but it has been growing steadily over time.

Discovering, going out and having new experiences not only outside of Italy but also exploring the forests of the Alps in search of the perfect landscape; this has become the main focus for both of them and is the perfect inspiration for Attilio to become a landscape and nature photographer.

To achieve the dream, they spend most of their free time walking around unknown places, snowboarding or kayaking in order to give Attilio more reasons to shoot. They travel at every opportunity they get to delve into the discovery of new destinations. Through their Blog, the couple has reached their first achievements: to sell Attilio’s work and to get support in their adventures.

The World’s Paths blog is their window to the world, it is where they can be an inspiration and tell stories from all sorts of places.

How did Berg Outdoor get into the dream

It was almost summer in 2016 when Ambra and Attilio were preparing for a new adventure in Iceland. They planned to do the biggest hike they had ever done. 90 km of unforgettable landscapes could exhaust their bodies, but even that didn’t make them give up on the idea and they looked for some support mainly for clothing and equipment. By chance, a friend of Attilio is a seller of Berg Outdoor in Italy, and he knew that they were looking for some kind of collaboration. When they had got to know the products, they decided to contact Berg Outdoor. Because of their ambition, fearlessness and motivation for being outdoors Ambra and Attilio became ambassadors of our brand. With pride, we provide the ideal conditions for Attilio’s fantastic photographs and together we capture memories and experiences.

“We received the items from Berg Outdoor a few weeks before the trip and we ended up having a wonderful experience and wearing the clothes almost every day. We took a good number of photos and we collected incredible memories.” - The World's Paths

A Berg Outdoor adventure with "The World's Paths"

“West Fjords, Iceland – It is a pretty wild environment, we would encounter another person just every once in a while and it’s not at all a touristic place. We decided to have a new experience, for us: we rented two kayaks and prepared for a camping trip inside the Fjords. We had to pack light, still, we needed all the gear for camping, water, and food for two days and warm clothes for the night. We put most of the stuff inside the kayak but the Berg Outdoor Tofane 25 backpack saved us: with its waterproof cover it sheltered our warm clothes from the sprays of the waves and we ended up having an amazing experience, also with a duck that decided to have us as its parents for the whole dinner and night.”

Recommended products

“The Tofane 25 backpack is very useful, light and pretty cool (the yellow version is super stylish) and even if it is small, it can be used on many different occasions, from short hiking to snowboarding and so much more.”

“Another wonderful article is the Malpelo hiking pants, we used them for a year and they are as good as on the first day, perfect for quite cold to pretty warm weather and slightly waterproof.”

Feeling Berg Outdoor

“Berg Outdoor makes us feel always ready for adventures: backpacks on, well covered in our jackets when it rains or just a sweater to cover up from the chill of the mountains. We are ready for the adventure and always pretty stylish and that is always a good thing.”

“The products are very well made and are exactly how they are described both on the website and in tags, they are really nice looking and they look great in photos.”

Evaluation of Berg Outdoor: 8/10

Favorite Place: “It is definitely Morain Lake in Banff national park, Canada. It's a wonderful place, even though it’s usually very crowded, but if you wait until late at night when the crowd is gone you have this amazing lake, with the mountain surrounding it reflected in the calm waters, the peaks always a bit snowy and the forest all around, it’s just magical.”

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keep up the next adventures

"We are going to leave for Alaska, from 5th to 28th August. There, we just have a car rented – a truck actually, so we can sleep inside it if the animals are too much! – and an itinerary just with the main places we are sure we want to go to, this is how we usually travel. We will land in Anchorage on August 5th, then pick the car up and buy groceries and begin our travel northbound, reaching Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, the Dalton Highway, Fairbanks and, last but not least, the Denali National Park where we will spend some days exploring and hiking. We will then go back to Anchorage and go around in the area for the remaining time, exploring the Kenai peninsula, kayaking and who knows what other experience we will want to have. In any case, Berg Outdoor gear will be with us!"


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