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The Wild Routine

Live a creative life

"We want to celebrate an alternative lifestyle, Outdoors and environmentally friendly. Creating the connection between people and companies and growing through interaction. Thinking outside of the box, living a creative and sustainable day-to-day. Moving through the seasons, meeting different people and visiting new projects. This... is living the wild routine!”

Who are?

It was in search of an alternative lifestyle that Elisabeth and Philip decided to embark on an endless journey. Both Austrians, Philip is a camera operator and Elisabeth is a social worker.

Together they share a sustainable lifestyle supported by the desire of traveling and seeing new places. It was in accordance with this desire that they began to discover new stories where they connected with people and places, and worked on one of their main passions: to film and photograph what they are experiencing and showing it in a unique way.

How are they discovering the world? 

Traveling, hiking, shooting & filming, eating and exploring… after all... living!

Simple words and common activities are what characterize a routine that, definitely, is not always the same. Every day is a contradiction.

Through the windshield of a camper van, they are traveling the world, discovering different countries and different cultures in search of a simple but wild routine. Exploring, camping, engaging in lots of outdoor activities, but especially connecting and getting involved with the places they pass through, these are the main reasons to leave everything behind and embark on an endless journey.

Meeting new people and discovering their most inspiring stories, was the origin of the project "The Wild Routine". It was in 2016, in search of a creative lifestyle, that they began collecting stories and showing them to the rest of the world. Whenever they meet interesting people with stories that influence them, they document and share them through their channels. This was the way they managed to celebrate life in an alternative style.

“We shoot pictures and movies and celebrate an alternative way of living. Our lifestyle is the idea of setting a sustainable and nonconsumer trend.”

How Berg Outdoor Got into the Routine?

It was in 2016 that we had our first contact with "The Wild Routine" in Friedrichshafen (Germany), in an outdoor product fair. Elisabeth and Phillip were searching a sustainable partnership to provide them with items that would give them the greatest comfort for their lifetime adventure.

“We entered the Exhibition Hall and the first brand which caught our eyes was Berg Outdoor. That big map of the world matched our ideas perfectly. We were just about to leave everything behind. We quit our jobs, sold our cars, and bought tickets to Paraguay. We received the Berg Outdoor items one day before the flight! It was so close…now it’s very funny, but at the time very concerning. It was on our trip to South America. It was where we explored Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador... it was where we lived a simple life in the cold of Patagonia, climbed mountains and enjoyed the sea.

A Berg Outdoor Adventure with "The Wild Routine"

There’s so much to tell, albeit so much more to be told. The Wild Routine is a collection of the most diverse experiences.

“Like during the filming of their little documentaries, in which they reproduced the life of someone who for some reason tagged along the whole way. "We have so many funny stories, like during the filming of About Simplicity where we camped on the beach and filmed with the help of a drone. Everything was close to the water: tents, bicycles, and the camping gas. When suddenly a wave came and ruined everything. Luckily the tent was dry and the camera too! We ended up just losing a few glasses, it was a funny situation.”

Berg Outdoor in "The Wild Routine" World

“When you want to camp in Torres del Paine, with temperatures below zero, the items have to keep you warm and can never fail you. From the zipper to the material, we trust the articles because they are the ones that keep us warm and dry. Using high-quality equipment such as Berg Outdoor made us realize that it is not necessary to change equipment every two weeks, it helps us to keep our sustainable lifestyle.”

Recommended Products

“When filming, I have to go to different places and even climb trees, but with Berg Outdoor Hare Wp shoes, I always feel safe. They are light and water resistant; Comfortable and multifunctional, from dunes to snow, mud, and dirt they were made to go anywhere and even in the city where you can wear them and celebrate a nice lifestyle!” - Phillipp

“Coats like Yukon and Sirohi, aren’t just items with nice colors. They are nice to wear, they protect us and the important thing is that they really work perfectly – that’s what it's all about.” - Elisabeth

Feeling Berg Outdoor

“All in all, we feel very happy with our partnership. It's just a perfect match. We travel through nature, in the extreme outdoors, cities - everywhere - and it's great to get up in the morning and without having to think what to wear - just trust and believe in your Berg Outdoor gear and you’ll have a perfect day!”

Evaluation of Berg Outdoor: 9/10

Favorite Places: “The best place we visited was Patagonia. The wild mountains, the empty and silent Ruta 40 and the view on mountains like Fitz Roy or National Park Torres del Paine were amazing.”

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