How can I make a request to Sonae’s Ombudsman Office?

We wish to compliment the businesses’ current Communication channels, as Sonae business units are always the first point of contact when it comes to clarifying and solving requests. 

If you have already submitted your request directly to the respective business unit, through the formal communication channel, but you are still not satisfied and / or you consider that the outcome did not meet your expectations, we invite you to report the matter to us. We suggest that you carefully read our FAQs, where you may find the answers and clarifications to Ombudsman-related questions.

In case you don’t find the information you need, please follow the steps below:

1. Prepare your request
So that we can reply in a timely and effective manner, your request must be objective and based on specific details, being accompanied of all the relevant documentation for the purpose. You must clearly state the following points:
Reason for contacting (complaint, information request, suggestion or compliment)
Sonae business unit it concerns
Objective and detailed description of the reason for contacting.
2. Submit your request
Choose one of the available channels to submit your request: the website’s form, letter / email or phone.
In case you choose to submit it through the website’s form (preferred way of contact),
don’t forget to: 
Fill-in all the requested fields, as this allows us to better understand your request. 
If you would rather contact us via email, don’t forget to include the following information in your request:
  • Reason for contacting (complaint, information request, suggestion or compliment),
  • Sonae business unit it concerns, 
  • Customer Service’s previous analysis (if applicable),
  • Objective and detailed description of the reason for contacting,
  • Preferred way of contact.
In any of the above situations, we advise you to have at your disposal all the documents you consider relevant for a fast resolution of the request. Please attach any documents you consider fundamental.
3. Wait for our assessment and reply
When you submit your request to Sonae’s Ombudsman Office, either via email or through the form available on this website, you will immediately receive a confirmation message.
Your request will be analysed by Sonae’s Ombudsman Office, according to its nature, content and seriousness level, being subsequently sent to the responsible business unit.
Although supervised by Sonae’s Ombudsman Office, it is the business unit’s job to duly conduct the process, being accountable for all the intermediate contacts until a final clarification is made.
After this clarification, we will analyze improvement measures for similar situations.
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