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Sonae's contact programme receives international distinction by HRO today Association

Sonae's contact programme receives international distinction by HRO today Association

HRO Today Association has distinguished Sonae’s Trainee Programme for the quality of the experience provided to candidates, based on innovative technology

American organisation HRO Today Association has distinguished Sonae for the digital transformation of recruitment and selection process in the 2020/21 edition of Contacto, Sonae’s Trainee Programme, implemented during the pandemic. Sonae was awarded at HRO Today Awards EMEA, in the category Best in Class: Candidate experience & HR Technology for the successful innovative implemented initiatives to attract, select and integrate young talent.

Ana Vicente, Head of People & Leadership at Sonae, states: "Sonae’s commitment to integration and development of young, recently graduated, people with high potential is conducted in long term perspective, with Contacto Programme one of the main origins of this talent. The beginning of the recruitment process coincided with the arrival of the pandemic in Portugal, which brought new restrictions to the way one conducts projects of this nature. Despite the challenging context, Sonae decided to transform the trainee programme, showing resilience and the ability to adapt. Both recruitment and selection occurred in an exclusively virtual format, using technology to provide an involving and enriching experience, for candidates and recruiters. Sonae’s ability to innovate and disrupt were acknowledged by the participants and now by HRO Today Association. It is very gratifying to see that effort recognised at this level.”

Recruitment began with an online multimedia campaign, under the motto "World of Opportunities”, which represents the diversity in businesses, brands, profiles and leaders within Sonae Companies. After the online applications, candidates went through a phase of gamified tests, followed by a pitch-inspired interview with the HR teams. Next step was a virtual meetup, where candidates were able to know the traineeship opportunities available and the people in charge of them, before the final interviews. The process ended with the identification of the preferences of the candidates, who listed the business leaders they’d like to work with, and those leaders chose the candidates they wished to recruit for their teams.

54 trainees were selected via this process and are nowadays part of Grupo Sonae. Traineeships are happening partially or entirely in a remote way, with Sonae’s focus on the experience of the trainees as employees, making use of new means and technologies, to make the journey even more enriching.

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