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Sonae’s communication team is among the best in europe

Sonae’s communication team is among the best in europe

Sonae’s Communication, Brand and Corporate Responsibility Office is a finalist of the European Excellence Awards, in the Communications Team of the Year category. It’s the only Portuguese team among the finalists, alongside Vodafone, SAP or IKEA.

Sonae’s communication team is part of the shortlist for the European Excellence Awards, which aim to recognise the excellence in public relations and communication in Europe. The Group’s communication team has been nominated in the Communication Team of the Year category for its effort in the areas of external and internal communication, as well as corporate responsibility over the past year, with results that were outlined by the international jury.

Catarina Oliveira Fernandes, head of Communication, Brand and Corporate Responsibility at Sonae, states: "The purpose of the department is to connect people and businesses and foster values and the company’s strategy and it is with this purpose that we work every day. To be a finalist of such a prestigious award is, most of all, an acknowledgment of the work performed by the team, throughout these years, which has contributed to Sonae’s affirmation as a long living company.”

The European Excellence Awards are an initiative which distinguishes the best communication and public relations in Europe. The applications are analysed by a jury comprising 38 experts from all over the world, who assess the innovation, implementation, strategy and impact of the projects and teams, choosing the finalists and the winner in each category. One of the outlined projects at Sonae was the Seeds for a better future initiative, which seeks to involve employees and their families in a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle, inspiring them to become ambassadors for change.

In the Communications Team of the Year category, alongside Sonae, there are German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim’s communication team, chemical company Evonik Industries’, technology’s SAP’s and Vodafone’s, as well as the Italian IKEA communication team. This year, the European Excellence Awards ceremony happens at Convento do Beato, in Lisbon, on 29th November.

Sonae had already been distinguished in the awards’ 2016 edition, having won in the External Publishing category, with the Livro de Inovação no Retalho 2015 project and it was a finalist in the Sustainability and Environment category with its Sustainability Report.

The vídeo for Sonae’s Seeds for a better future project:

More information on the European Excellence Awards:

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