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Sonae joins worldwide initiative "Business for nature" in favour of natural resources

Sonae joins worldwide initiative "Business for nature" in favour of natural resources

• Cláudia Azevedo, Sonae’s CEO, states that "nature is falling apart at an alarming and unsustainable pace” and "its preservation and restoration of ecosystems must be a global concerned, materialised in specific measures, of immediate implementation”. 

• Sonae is one of 32 companies in the world to subscribe the "Business for Nature” platform manifesto, which demands swift collective action by governments and companies to promote restoration and preservation of nature.

Sonae has joined the group of initial subscribers of the manifesto created by
"Business for Nature” platform, which stands for a swift and collective action to protect natural resources and reverse deterioration of nature. The initiative states that healthy societies, resilient economies and prosperous companies need a sustainable relationship with nature and that governments must adopt ambitious policies that ensure preservation and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Cláudia Azevedo, Sonae’s CEO, stresses that "nature is deteriorating at an alarming and unsustainable pace, for its preservation and the restoration of ecosystems must be a global concern, materialised in specific measures, of immediate implementation. We are before a planetary problem for which we must all be part of the solution”.

The adhesion to the manifesto suits the sustainability policy at Sonae, which over two decades ago became part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, an organisation that stands for protection of nature and biodiversity.
This commitment has been continuously reinforced, with emphasis on the recent integration of Cláudia Azevedo in CEO Action Group, in charge of formulating specific propositions that contribute to the implementation of the European Commission’s Green Deal, in the context of Europe’s post-Covid economic reinstatement, as well as in World Economic Forum’s Champions for Nature platform, which aims at stopping the loss of biodiversity until 2030. Cláudia Azevedo leads, together with Svein Tore Holsether, chairman and CEO of Yara International, the work of a group of multinational companies that wish to rethink the use of land and oceans for agricultural purposes, fostering a more sustainable use of natural resources.

"Business for Nature” call brings together 32 multinational companies and asks governments for action

"Business for Nature” platform manifesto integrates an initial set of 32 multinational companies that include, beside Sonae, Walmart, Carrefour, EDF, Suzano, Unilever, Nespresso, Danone, AEON, AXA, Rabobank, Tencent, AngloAmerican, among others.

The concern with nature is already incorporated in strategic and tactical strategies of many of these companies and it is materialised, namely in a sustainable use of natural resources throughout their value chains, the promotion of "clean” jobs and the development of more sustainable goods. Now, these efforts need to be amplified and complemented by an ambitious and transforming government policy, according to what science considers necessary to make sure we live within limits that ensure a secure and harmonious functioning of the planet.

At Sonae, protecting nature and biodiversity is strategic for, together with suppliers and partners, it has been developing a set of initiatives that foster the creation of responsible supply chains, contributing to the protection of ecosystems and the preservation of natural resources. Simultaneously, Sonae’s various companies have been promoting the adoption of more sustainable consumption patterns by clients, not only through information and awareness actions, but also with the supply of a wider range of products and services with a lesser ecological footprint.

Nature is at a critical point and so is more than half of the world’s GNP 

In spite of being vital for economic and social life, natural resources and ecosystems are under a lot of pressure. According to Business for Nature, more than half of the world’s GNP – 44 trillion dollars in economic value – is exposed, moderately or critically to risks associated with the depletion of natural resources.

Call to action can be subscribed by any company

Given the magnitude of current challenges, Business for Nature stands for a concerted action between governments and companies to stop the loss of biodiversity over the next 10 years.

All companies and institutions that act according to the protection of nature and biodiversity may and should demonstrate their commitment subscribing the manifesto on The goal is to reach as many subscribers as possible, showing decision makers the need to act immediately to protect and restore nature.

The initiative was presented at "Building business resilience: How collective leadership will reverse nature loss” conference, which gathered more than 3,300 leaders, governments and experts from all over the world, organised by the World Economic Forum, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), ICC, United Nations’ Global Impact, IUCN and Business for Nature.
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