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Sonae joins group of donors in global initiative against Covid-19

Sonae joins group of donors in global initiative against Covid-19

Coronavirus Global Response Initiative

The goal is to gather 7.5 billion euros to accelerate the investigation, development, production and equal access to vaccines, diagnosis and treatment against COVID-19. Portugal will contribute with 10 million euros, Sonae being one of the donors.

Sonae is part of the global initiative against COVID-19 called "Coronavirus Global Response”, whose goal is to accelerate the development and the implementation of the vaccine, treatment and diagnosis of COVID-19, as well as to make these universally available and accessible. "Coronavirus Global Response” brings together companies, foundations, governments, the European Union and expert organisations from all over the world around a common point, seeking a fast answer to the pandemic and allowing the population’s general access to the scientific advancements resulting from the supported projects.

In the scope of its corporate responsibility policy, Sonae is part of the group of organisations that, together with the Portuguese Government, will donate 10 million euros to this initiative against COVID-19. This support follows Sonae’s mission to "create economic and social value in the long term, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to a growing number of people”.

The "Coronavirus Global Response” initiative is launched this Monday, the 4th May, in the various countries involved. In Portugal, the donors’ conference happens in Lisbon and will have the presence of several organisations that contribute to this initiative.

The goal is to gather 7.5 billion euros worldwide to foster and accelerate the innovation and the development of solutions, promoting ecosystems of innovation and exchange of knowledge involving all the public and private players which may help achieve the defined goals.

As far as vaccines are concerned, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) will be coordinating, as well as GAVI – The Vaccine Aliance, to implement vaccination. For treatment, the focal point will be "COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator” and, for diagnosis, FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) will be in charge.

"We believe we cannot fight COVID-19 alone and we need to work together, through an unprecedented and inclusive partnership with all parties concerned – political leaders, public and private sector partners, the public, the academic world and all of society’s interested parties – to jointly lever our strong points and encourage collective solutions, in a swift mode, for everyone’s benefit. We are stronger, faster and more effective when we work together,” says the World Health Organisation.

For Sonae, "cooperation and open innovation is vital to answer the challenges faced by our society. For that reason we have decided to join this global initiative, seeking to contribute to accelerating the development of a vaccine, as well as the treatment and diagnosis of COVID-19. It is the time for all of us to cooperate and contribute to protecting the health and safety of families”.

Sonae also supports the fight in Portugal
Sonae and its participated companies have been supporting several initiatives and institutions in Portugal in the fight against COVID-19, namely through financial and material means, as well as placing its skills at society’s service.

Food retail (Continente), electronics (Worten) and communication (NOS) businesses have maintained their operations, ensuring that the Portuguese people have the essential goods they need, in line with Government’s guidelines. This reality was only made possible with the commitment and dedication of the various teams, as well as the sector’s whole chain, from production to logistics.

Sonae’s many companies have distributed thousands of goods (food and others) and IPE (Individual Protection Equipment), thus answering the requests of dozens of organisations such as hospitals, municipalities and charity institutions, with the goal of helping not only the most vulnerable and ill, but also healthcare professionals and authorities who remain in the frontline fighting against COVID-19.

Right from the start, Sonae has placed its international sourcing capabilities at the service of Portugal and its citizens, having been able to buy IPE in a time of great need and providing all the logistics for its transportation to Portugal, as well as for distribution to priority organisations and institutions, namely hospitals.

With people’s protection and the promotion of public health in mind, Sonae Fashion joined the scientific and industrial community to create and make available a reusable and globally innovative mask. The project involved its fashion brand MO, the manufacturer Adalberto, CITEVE technology centre, Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes and Universidade do Minho. The MOxAD-Tech mask already has level II (professional use) certification by CITEVE, offering a 95% particle retention capacity. 
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