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Sonae companies invite young talents to meet a "world of opportunities"

Sonae companies invite young talents to meet a "world of opportunities"

Contacto Programme will recruit 50 young final year students and recently graduated professionals for Sonae Companies.

Sonae Companies will offer 50 internships to final year students or professionals recently graduated from bachelors or masters in the 2020 edition of Contacto Programme. With applications open until the 10th April, the pioneering initiative in Portugal as far as the recruitment of young people with high potential are concerned will provide an opportunity to enter the job market for professionals who intend to develop project and get a career at Sonae Companies.

Contacto Programme favours young people of high potential, who are dynamic, creative, collaborative, and have a strong desire to learn and the ambition to join the world of opportunities Sonae has to offer in its several businesses.

Ana Vicente, Head of People & Leadership at Sonae, states: "Sonae Companies offer a world of opportunities for talent development, in sectors such as retail, fashion, technology, shopping centres, fitness, energy, tourism or industry. With Contacto Programme, we will provide these young people with access to our leaders, foster the development of their ambidextrous skills and contribute to the construction of their internal and external network. We seek young people who show enterprising, create and innovative capacities, as well as enriching life experiences, hailing from various academic backgrounds.”
Those interested may register on, fill-in the form and upload their CV. Later, they will be invited to take part in an online evaluation process which seeks to understand their suitability for the intended profile and Sonae’s values.

During the month of April, there will be the Contacto Programme’s Assessment, an opportunity for these young people to make themselves known and know the leaders of Sonae Companies and their different businesses. The 50 selected will be revealed during the month of May.

With opportunities for the regions of Lisbon and Porto, Contacto Programme aims at young people with any academic background, for instance: Management, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Information Technologies, Computers, Physics, Architecture, Psychology, Marketing, Biomedicine, Sociology, Geography, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Data Analysis, Health, among many others.

Contacto Programme has already received over 46 thousand applications since its creation
A pioneering initiative in Portugal, Contacto Programme aims at attracting and integrating young talents in Sonae Companies. It intends to consolidate the long and strategic partnership Sonae maintains with Universities, thus contributing to an effective connection between academia and the job market. 
Contacto Programme is open to young people with high potential, final year students and people who have recently graduated from bachelors or masters courses in any field of study. Since its creation, in 1986, Contacto Programme has received over 46 thousand applications, which led to the selection and participation of over 4,600 young people hailing from different fields of knowledge and parts of the world on "Contacto Day”, with several hundreds of them having ended up joining Sonae Companies teams.

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