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Joana Martins

We’ve helped reforest Oliveira do Hospital

16 April 2019
A few months ago I was invited to embrace a new professional challenge, a new project that brings together two subjects I love – communication and corporate social responsibility – and believe should always hold hands.

I began by getting thrilled with the change, then with the project, next with the people who interviewed me – full of passion and truth – and, as I arrived at Sonae Arauco, I surrendered to a company that, being very recent – the brand is only two years old – has, in its essence, very strong values, which truly guide everything we do. Ethics, transparency, long-term partnerships and sustainability are some of the values found in this organisation. And if feels so good to arrive in such a company…

A good company, with good people, a challenging project, as though that is not enough, the advantage of joining Grupo EFANOR, which brings together Sonae, Sonae Capital and Sonae Indústria, in a network of great professionals. I have always been fascinated by teamwork and partnering with people with different backgrounds. And if when I arrived at Sonae Arauco I was received with arms wide open by my colleagues, also the team at Sonae’s Communication, Brand and Corporate Responsibility, who lead the Activshare programme, supported me right from the start. We are united by the desire to do things well, continually elevating this brand of ours and by the motivation of being relevant within the communities we are part of.

Together, we decided to organise what would be the first reforestation initiative by Sonae Arauco, a company that produces wood-based panels and thus has a close connection with the forest sector. We brought our efforts together and decided to support the revitalisation of one of the forests that was most affected by the terrible wildfires that haunted the country in October 2017, which led us to Aldeia das Dez, in Oliveira do Hospital.

On the 30th March, we headed for that part of the country with over 180 Sonae, Sonae Arauco and Sonae Indústria volunteers and respective families, and we intervened in over three hectares of forest area, with reforestation and forest cleaning operations. Together, we planted more than 1100 oaks and strawberry trees, contributing to a more diverse, controlled and fire-resistant landscape.

Two years ago, Sonae Arauco was one of the most affected companies with the 2017 wildfires and it is with great satisfaction and willing to do better and more that I look at this fantastic initiative, made viable with our volunteers’ support, taking a little bit of ourselves, a little bit of hope to a community that will likely never forget the 15th October 2017.

Joana Martins
Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility Director @ Sonae Arauco

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