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Leonor Sottomayor

Sonae’s Circular Economy highlighted by EU

05 July 2018

It was with great pleasure that we received Smart Waste Portugal’s invitation to present Sonae’s case about Circular Economy at the Portuguese Representation. The session, which occurred on the 26th June and had the participation of, among others, João Matos Fernandes, Portuguese Environment Minister, Ambassador Pedro Lourtie and the European Commission’s General Director for the Environment, allowed Sonae to share its case in a panel moderated by José Melo Bandeira, of Smart Waste Portugal, with the participation of Grupo Amorim and AVE. These companies, just like Sonae, have demonstrated the good practice adopted in their businesses and spoke of the road to take toward a future that interests us all.

The truth is that, since the beginning of our activity, we have always spoken of the efficiency of processes and that this factor is one of the bases for circular economy, as well as the modern activity of retail. Nowadays, we work for the environment in many ways, such as logistics, electric power consumption, reusing materials for several ends, namely recycling and in projects such as Transformar.te, which you can get to know better here.

We know that we have the duty of promoting sustainability and the best practice at the same time as we ensure the access to a free market for all consumers and companies: this is Sonae’s Circular Economy. We know that, to overcome these challenges, we need to get to the core of problems and that it demands an effort from the whole society, namely in the awareness of industries (to invest in R&D, new products’ or alternative products’ design and production, governmental institutions (for a better legislation and promotion and distinction of innovation) and consumers, obviously, to alter their habits.

These are the great challenges that, I believe, were quite clear in this event. We will keep on working towards increasing our circular economy and foster others’ circular economy. We know it is a difficult mission, but we have a responsibility that we wish to, and we will, accomplish.

Leonor Sottomayor
Head of Public Affairs

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