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Emília Tavares

Sonae Media Art Award

07 December 2017

Art and technology have caused some of the most important ruptures in the 20th century's artistic movements and still do in the 21st century. Technology's creative exploration is nowadays one of contemporary art's foundations, being an object of various approaches by many artists.

The constitution of Sonae's Media Art Award aims at finding room for creation and reflection around the new alliances between art and technology, at an increasingly sophisticated level, which already include cybernetic technologies, such as digital art, the wide range of computing possibilities as far as animation, sound and graphics are concerned, the network platforms that allow new interactive challenges between the artist and the spectator, through virtual art or the internet, and the developing lines of robotics, virtual reality, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

The concept of media art faces the confrontation between the creative field's subjectivity, ever-expanding and difficult to define, and the vast yet still cloudy domain of artificial intelligence, programmed and making use of superhuman resources, which will definitely place new theorisation and reflection paradigms on the future of art in an increasingly interactive and immersive world.

We hope this award can generate creative dynamics, but also a deep reflection and discussion made possible by these new media, which confront freedom of creation with new technological challenges.

Emília Tavares,
Curator, MNAC - Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado

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