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Bruno Mourão

Sonae at Pixels Camp

13 October 2016

Nostalgia is already kicking in as we look back at this unique event inPortugal, three days after the Pixels Camp closed its doors. An amazing 72-hourexperience being reunited with friends, putting forward challenges, minglingwith the community and, above all, learning a great deal! Over these three daysof Pixels (and during the weeks before) we tried to introduce ourselves portrayinghow technology leverages our retail insignias in different ways.

During the course of the event, we launched four challenges that are particularlyrelevant for us:

  • ConversationalCommerce will certainly be a differentiating factor for digital channels;
  • Predictive Analysis isincreasingly becoming a key component of our decision-making process andMachine Learning is enhancing these abilities;
  • Data diversity anddispersion is a challenge we all feel in our everyday lives and our ambition isto consolidate and consequently transformation it into actionable information;
  • Sustainability is a topicthat is very much at the top of Sonae’s agenda and we will continue to contributeto maintain it in everybody’s top-of-mind.

Our challenges were also defined through a set of tools we use every dayat the company to develop prototypes, such as our eCommerce APIs or datasets withrelevant basic information to perform predictive sales analysis. Likewise, ourphysical presence was also planned in that sense, in the form of a stand thatprovided countless interactive moments, including the virtual experience ofspending a day at Sonae BIT using Google Cardboards.

Additionally, we also tried to contribute with knowledge through talks onPredictive Analysis and Digital Architectures. These two moments were very soughtafter and allowed to exchange experiences and influence some of the projects. Itis always a pleasure to watch these projects being presented at these type of events,but the icing on the cake was to see how our many challenges were addressed andhow agile the tools we provided were made. Including Google Cardboards!

I would like to finish by thanking the Cartão Dá team, who provided uswith the awards granted to the winners of our challenges, and, of course, toBright Pixel for putting together a fantastic event. I would also like toinvite all of you (including those who did not attend Pixels) to get in contactwith us in case you are interested in these topics: you can reach us onTwitter, @BMourao, or through my email.


Bruno Mourão
IT Labs Lead at Sonae BIT

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