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Alexandre Santos
S21sec chosen by EU to develop cybersecurity
13 July 2016

It was with great pride that we received the news about S21sec, a company majority owned by Sonae IM and a leader in cybersecurity, becoming an active participant in the development of Europeโ€™s future information safety guidelines, as a founding member of the European Cyber Security Organisation - ECSO.

ECSO will be working with the European Commission through the recently launched public-private partnership in cybersecurity in order to improve cybersecurity policies in the European territory and strengthen cooperation across borders, between all players and sectors. The purpose is to prevent cybersecurity risks for citizens, companies and state administrations alike, which will be secured by a €450 million investment under the Horizon 2020 programme.

This represents a firm step by S21sec towards building a European cybersecurity market that is solid, harmonized and competitive and Sonae IM is very pleased with the crucial role one of its portfolio companies will fulfil in this new partnership that will shape the future of cybersecurity in Europe.


Alexandre Santos
Portfolio Development at Sonae IM

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