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Recognition and Validation of Competencies at Sonae MC

06 April 2017

On March 23rd,Sonae MC attended a conference about the topic of "Recognition and Validationof Competencies”, integrated in the 10th edition of the HR Congress(Congresso RH), promoted by EditoraRH. We were invited to present how our company develops and shares knowledge, withview to transform our employees and the community.

At Sonae MC,we value lifelong learning, translating this knowledge into qualifications. Therecognition of learning results implies conceiving a formal process that canvalue and credit knowledge, aptitudes and competencies, covering every form of work-placelearning.

InSeptember 2015 we began a pilot project, in partnership with ANQEP (the Portuguese National Agency for Qualification and ProfessionalEducation) and CEFOSAP(the Trade Union Training and ProfessionalDevelopment Centre), whichentailed equipping our companies with a model for the Recognition, Validationand Certification of Competencies. The advantages of this initiative for ouremployees and companies were clear, as it was possible to take advantage, in awork context, of the in-house experience and training – taught at the company –for the purpose of professional qualification. This way, we contributed to ouremployees’ personal and professional development, promoting internal mobility.

So far,Sonae MC has qualification procedures in place for employees in the trainingreference of logistics operator and technician. In the second semester of 2017,we will begin the activity of professional qualification in stores, based onthe training reference of retail operator and technician, published in 2016. Thus,qualification has a fundamental role in the development process of employees. In2016, Sonae MC counted 37,000 participants, in over 800,000 hours of training,with an average of 26 hours per employee.

We believethat, by elevating the level of qualification of our human capital, we arepromoting talent management within the company.

HR Lead Operations, Sonae MC

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