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Bruno Mourão

Pixels Camp energized by Sonae MC/BIT

02 April 2019
BIT, Sonae MC’s information systems’ department, was been deeply involved in the third edition of one of the biggest technology events in Portugal.

On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd March, the third edition of Pixels Camp occurred. Organised by Bright Pixel and with Sonae MC/BIT as founding member, Pixels Camp is one of the biggest technology events to occur in Portugal and it has been positioning itself as a vehicle for fostering innovation and creativity in the fields of technology.

That encouragement emerges in a more visible way at the 48-hour hackathon which is supported by Sonae MC/BIT with energy boosts such as chocolates, cookies and even popcorn; challenges which seek to place technology even more at the service of Continente’s customers and APIs and datasets that seek to emulate a retail systems architecture.

For Sonae MC/BIT, to be part of Pixels Camp is something to be proud of, as it allows us to contribute to the promotion of this moment for incubation and direct contact with the technology community. Moreover, it is an opportunity to challenge ourselves at the hackathon, workshops, talks, mentoring of entrepreneurs and in every moment of interaction throughout the event. We wish to share with all the attendants what it’s like to work in technology and information systems in a big retail organisation.

Although this chapter isn’t over yet, we still have the traditional pitch day at Sonae MC/BIT left, with some of the hackathon teams sharing their experiences and prototypes, it is already with nostalgia that we remember, for instance, the presentation we made on IoT (Internet of Things) in retail, the workshop we fostered on MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), the presence of two teams from the hackathon’s TOP35 or even our stand with a replica of an aisle with Continente products.

Come the 4th edition!

Bruno Mourão
Head of Strategy & Architecture

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