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Inês Valadas

Pitch Day Health & Wellness brings together 11 European startups

20 November 2017

Event provides hints on the future of health

On the 10th November, 11 European startups brought their most innovative propositions in the field of Health & Wellness (H&W) to Sonae Learning Centre, in Maia.

With this initiative we have tried to face the greatest challenges presented to us by the market and society: research advances, technology development and the increasingly fast way of processing data are changing the paradigm in every field, and Health & Wellness is no exception. Actually, it's rather the opposite: it is in this field that we define the way we will live in the future, extending our well-being and quality of life. And I must say that we've been surprised by the projects' disruption and the quality of the interventions, which have broaden our horizons.

We are interested in knowing the best organisations working in different fields, as we believe in the power of partnership to promote innovation and improve the value proposition we provide our clients with. We've received 11 startups, hailing from Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, selected from a set of over 80 which were referenced by partners like ICEX (Spain), the Department for International Trade (UK), Business France (France), Startup Braga (Portugal), Instituto Pedro Nunes (Portugal), among others. This was the first time we went ahead with an initiative that may allow us to devise a collaboration strategy with startups, either through pilot projects or even the active integration of solutions in Sonae MC's operations.

This type of initiatives show us the infinite evolution in this area and, thus, we want to go on stimulating an open innovation ecosystem for technology development, aimed at looking for answers to consumers' needs in  the fields of health, nutrition and well-being, so that our clients have permanent access to the best and most advanced solutions in this area.

Inês Valadas
Sonae MC Executive Board Member

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