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Joana Ribeiro da Silva
New Destination: Dubai
06 June 2017

We are very proud to announce that Zippy has strengthened its international presence by opening a new flagship store at Dubai Mall (one of the world’s most relevant shopping centres) and one store at Dubai Marina Mall. This is our first international flagship store and we consider this opening an important landmark in Zippy’s development, as it is located in the largest and most populated city in the UAE, with around 2.7 million inhabitants, in a shopping centre that is considered an international benchmark.

Following these openings in Dubai, we now have over 30 stores in the Middle East, across Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In a global perspective, we have exceeded 100 stores worldwide, in more than 20 countries within four continents. In fact, our international sales turnover has already surpassed sales in our original market, Portugal, as a result of our ongoing investment in expanding Zippy’s presence into increasingly more geographies.

This is the positive note with which we wish to restate that we will continue to tread our growth avenues focused on a unique value proposition, combining a wide range of products for children with the best quality-price relation in the market. This strategy has allowed Zippy not only to improve customer loyalty, but also to be present in the everyday life of increasingly more families, in a growing number of countries across the entire world.

Joana Ribeiro da Silva
Sonae Sports & Fashion Administrator

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