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Natality: how to enhance portugal’s growth?

21 May 2018

The more recent demographic data show Portugal as a socially aged country. Women have less children, and decide to have kids later and later, which results in one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.

Thinking about natality at this time is to guarantee the future of the country. At Well’s, we know that it is everybody’s responsability to create and mantain a sustainable society. And a sustainable society implies to know how to shelter and accept more babies.

This is why we created the project "For a future with more babies” and, since the beginning of the year, we already donated more than ten thousand Baby Well’s products, for new born babies. We are also supporting needing families during their babies’ first year of life, in cooperation with EntrAjuda.

Besides, this project recognizes the need of publicly discussing the natality problem. To do this, on the 9th may of 2018, we arranged the "Natality: how to enhance Portugal’s Growth?” Conference. This debate, that took place at Fundação Champalimaud and counted with the presence of the Work, Solidarity and Social Security Minister of Portugal, and of other important figures on this matter, allowed the sharing of ideas and points of view on the challenges, opportunities and socioeconomical consequences of Portugal’s birth rates. At this event, we mostly shared histories and experiences, looked for different paths and solutions of the maternity. 

João Cília
Managing Diretor Well's

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