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It feels good to do good

24 August 2020
My personal history with volunteering is old, as I already committed to the homeless community in Lisbon for quite a while before getting involved with JA Portugal’s volunteering programme. And my collaboration with them began in a very special time for me, when I was pregnant – with my first child, back then – and being able to do volunteering with children and young people seemed to be a natural move.

Meanwhile, 12 years later, I am still leaving my mark, not only on students, their families and teachers in schools where I taught as part of JA Portugal’s programme, but also on my children, who have become used to their mother’s volunteering. And, fortunately, they already join me in similar initiatives, as nowadays we also volunteer in the "Café Memória” project and I also prepare meals at home for Refood.

To be part of the JA PORTUGAL programme demands my regular commitment and makes me dedicate some of my energy and time (either work or family) to other people. However, it’s part of my personal project of involvement with the community. It is a huge pleasure to give some of my joy, empathy, knowledge and attention to children who learn from example, at an age when their behaviour and their knowledge of life in society is formed.

Thank you, JA Portugal and Sonae, for having provided the opportunity to make a difference and for helping me feel fulfilled as I give others a bit of myself!

Paula Cunha
Sonae Sierra
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