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Nuno Lopes Gama

Investing in Innovation in Retail

25 July 2016

It is no secret that Innovation is a crucial cornerstone in Sonae. We like to be critical when assessing what we have today, for we know we can always do better tomorrow. The "Retail Book of Innovation 2015”, a pioneer report in the international business sector, presents a selection of 75 innovations developed and implemented by Sonae’s retail brands, under the graphic concept of an explosion, seeking to celebrate curiosity, creativity, initiative and customer orientation.

This is also how we demonstrate the practical results of the company’s investment in research, innovation and development, which rose from 22 million euros in 2005 to 96 million de euros in 2014, representing an average annual growth of 14.5%. This evolution came about as the teams dedicated to innovation tasks were also strengthened, with the direct involvement of about 4,400 employees over this past year. On the other hand, it is also important to highlight that our collaborative ecosystem already relies on more than 150 partners for innovation around the world, involving institutions from 25 countries, in four continents.

Our strategy for Innovation for the future is clear and entails generating and implementing new ideas, as we know this is the only way we can carry on our path towards becoming even stronger and faster in fulfilling or customers’ needs and preferences. We know this is how we can aim even higher in our activities and performance.

Lastly, I would like to invite every reader to click here and open the "Retail Book of Innovation 2015”, in the hopes that you can enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed producing it.


Nuno Lopes Gama
Head of Innovation & Future Tech

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