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Impressive and inspiring: Sonae’s new headquarters in Madrid

09 September 2019
"Bright, inspiring, collaborative, impressive”: the adjectives were used by a group of employees who have moved into Sonae’s first headquarters in Spain this year. When we began this project, in 2017, we knew the new building would have to guarantee some fundamental requirements: good location, functionality, high exposition to natural light and several common areas, both inside and outside, which would promote collaboration and the employees’ well-being, without forgetting Sonae’s values and culture, clearly reflected in this step we decided to take.

So, concerning this project, firstly, I would like to speak of ambition. It moves us and keeps us unsatisfied with the status quo, forcing us to go beyond successes from the past. This project is an example of that. Throughout two years, we went through an intense process during which the project’s coordination team and people in charge of the Group’s many companies worked with the same goal: to develop the first Sonae headquarters in Spain, and that the building would contribute to the development of the Group’s businesses and the improvement of our employees’ well-being.

Secondly, I would like to mention cooperation. In the new building we have managed to bring seven companies together, previously split across several offices in Madrid. Furthermore, we chose to have a building with several common areas, both inside and outside, fostering the creation of synergies and a spirit of collaboration between the approximately 400 employees who, every day, work in the new offices.

Thirdly, I can’t help but stress the stake we make in corporate responsibility and our daily commitment to developing our activities based on principles of sustainable development. The new headquarters have the BREAMM certification, which is a guarantee that the building’s functioning has reduced impact on the environment, with low CO2 emissions and air quality and light level control.

Finally, I would like to talk about our people. We have had an internal team, comprising people from different companies of the Group, motivated to a project we knew was the reflection of the ambition we have for Sonae’s future. For that we thank all those who were part of the project, the suppliers but, most of all, to the more than 400 employees who moved on with us. Today, as we hear your words, we confirm that the project has fulfilled our expectations and that on this new address we are writing a relevant chapter of the companies that live there and of Sonae.

Marco Aurélio Nunes
Sonaegest Director

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