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Alexandre Santos and at the Web Summit

28 September 2016

BrightPixel, partner of Sonae IM, will be showcasing both projects in Lisbon betweenthe 7th and 10th November.

Sonae IMwill be represented at the Web Summit, the biggest and most importanttechnological summit in Europe, supporting two of Bright Pixel’s and This is going to be a global meeting point for the mostgroundbreaking technological companies and for those asking themselves how willtheir products help transform business sectors of all kinds and, of course,their lives.

Bothstartups joined Bright Pixel on the 20th April, not long after thecompany was founded. Their projects are being developed in partnership withcompanies belonging to their respective business sectors; iscollaborating with newspaper Públicoand is collaborating with S21Sec, a cyber security company. isdeveloping a collaborative toolaimed at managing creative contents, like in newsrooms (guaranteeing a propermeans of communication between editors and journalists) and with bloggers, toname a few. It aims to facilitate writing, publications, article life cyclemanagement and contents related to media platforms, ensuring an efficient andeasy collaboration between speakers and their target audience through a simpleand practical app.,on the other hand, is focused on creating an internet security feature that canensure a more efficient online protection for data platforms, avoidingunauthorised or accidental access with the intention to alter, destroy orreveal important information. This tool will allow any programmer or company toprotect their applications and codes online with better results (less falsepositives) and more efficiently, in other words, at a more affordable cost whencompared with other alternatives currently on the market.

Sonae IM seesas an excellent sign that Bright Pixel already has two of its projects, and, among the 66 startups selected to represent Portugal atthe Web Summit, in addition to participating in the current edition of theLisbon Challenge.


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