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Inês Valadas

Go Natural and the democratisation of healthy eating

23 December 2016

The concern for adopting and maintaining healthy habits has been an inevitable topic when discussing lifestyle in recent years. A greater perception of food intolerances and the influence food has on our wellbeing, along with a greater concern for the sustainability of the entire process of food production and distribution, have contributed to people’s awareness regarding the standards of healthy eating.

It is a fact that the consumption of healthy nutrition in Western Europe has been rising and that Portugal presents a great potential per capita. We know that, nowadays, Portuguese consumers are also looking for a wide range of healthy, organic and dietetic products, specific ingredients appropriate for people with food restrictions, as well as supplements, vitamins and sports nutrition.

Sonae MC, with an already established presence in Health & Wellness through Continente’s areas dedicated to healthy eating, and the health and wellbeing products and services available at Well’s and its Health Plan, is now investing on a range focused on a democratized access to healthy food by opening a Go Natural store on Avenida 5 de Outubro, in Lisbon, inaugurated on 6 December.

And why under the Go Natural insignia? It is the brand that is in line with what we seek by entering this segment, proposing consumers the concept of healthy and good quality food, based on a DNA that associates wellbeing, pleasure, and convenience to the mission of democratising healthier habits.

Our mission is to satisfy customers with different nutritional needs and food intolerances, while also being committed to Portuguese organic production, which we wish to support and develop, so that it can increasingly become a reference in the market. Launching the Go Natural supermarkets is an important step in this strategy, allowing us to offer our customers a distinctive shopping experience and service while also strengthening our growing specialisation in the area of healthy eating.


Inês Valadas
Sonae MC Executive Director

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