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Felipe Ferreira

Digital Transformation @Worten

27 November 2019

With the aim of preparing Worten to face current technologic tendencies, namely the ones concerning the retail sector in particular, and help the company become even more competitive, in the end of 2018 a digital transformation programme we called Digitalism began. The scope of this transformation isn’t at all limited to investing in technology but mostly to a renovation of the whole organisational culture, revolving around the client and the employee and new work methods.

"It’s about people, not technology”

Digitalism stands on three fundamental pillars:
  • Optimize Customer and Employee Experience, so that the consumer and the employee have a better, more homogeneous and more digital experience in the various touchpoints along their journey;
  • Transform the company’s data culture, which means removing the silos containing the existing information in the organisation, enriching it with external information, automating its treatment and availability and thus creating the bases for a data-driven company in its decision processes;
  • Create new work methods, which consist of rethinking work methods in a structural way, to allow for more agility in the decision and implementation process through a culture of autonomy for teams and quick learning where mistakes are part of the process. It also means creating partnerships, crucial in a world where no company is successful autonomously, maintaining, however, control over some strategic dimensions.
To do so, we began by creating multidisciplinary, autonomous teams, with the capacity to decide and execute – our squads! – with time dedicated to it in their agendas and working in our Hub, a very pleasant and modular space, which fosters creativity and exchange of ideas, using user-centred methods, which privilege focus and agility and a ZERO E-MAIL policy, using MS TEAMS exclusively. The goal is to work with deliverables with well-defined timeframes right from the start, whose KPIs are in line with the organisation’s strategy (OKRs). We started the first two – ORDERs and REPAIRs teams – in June and the results of the first Quick-Wins are quite positive!

After the pilot phase, what we intend now is to try it with more teams that can address different points of our customer and employee journey, reaching a bigger number of employees so that, in the midterm, we have a completely transformed Worten, a Digital Worten, with Physical Stores and a Human Touch!

Felipe Ferreira
Head of Digitalism @ Worten
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