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BIT @ Tech Hub

15 October 2019
Three months after the inauguration of our Tech Hub, we can see that we’re very happy in our new home. HeartBIT already was an inspiring and practical building with, for instance, several areas adapted to different styles (with high tables and vertical table supports, sofas for informal talks and tables for squad meetings).

Now, we also benefit from a greater longitudinal space on the different floors, which is a detail but induces more proximity between co-workers. There is also a different atmosphere with several green and leisure areas, which help us breathe even better. We are, of course, surrounded by everyday technology, beginning with image recognition to enter the garage or an application for interacting with the physical access controls and ending in more infrastructural systems, such as acclimatisation.

As part of Sonae Business Park in Maia, we also have at our disposal an additional set of infrastructures such as spa, sports centre and laundry. With these commodities, our football matches now happen at least twice a week and running becomes so much more frequent. This location also allows access to several business units nearby and as far as meals are concerned, there is the convenience of having several restaurants in the area, including a new Go Natural restaurant at the Tech Hub.

There is also the indispensable Sonae Learning Centre where, as the rest of the Group, we foster training sessions that, in our case, address retail, soft skills or IT subjects. When our amphitheatre in the building isn’t big enough or we have concurrency in unfolding knowledge, there is a set of additional spaces nearby.

Looking forward, we wish to welcome our new neighbours Sonae IM, also located in this new building and continue to enjoy these magnificent conditions!

Tech Hub Sunsets

Bruno Mourão
Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Experimentation

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