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Raul Magalhães

APLOG’s new challenges

15 June 2018

Sonae is connected to APLOG – Associação Portuguesa de Logística – since its foundation, in 1991, and has always been present in its development and affirmation within the national and international landscape. Thus, I was very proud to accept my appointment as APLOG Chairman, effective for the three-year period between 2018 and 2020, during which we will face big challenges concerning the value chain, the importance of the client, and the implementation of new technologies in more and more demanding distribution logistics.

Since the beginning, APLOG’s mission has been to share its expertise in Logistics and its most relevant and structural processes in the business and products value chain – which, in the beginning, was something innovative in an area that wasn’t seen as core and had no visibility, neither as solution facilitator nor as process optimizer.

Companies such as Sonae, and retail in particular (Sonae MC), have contributed to the discussion, implementation and broadcast of new processes and removed Logistics from specialised management to place it on the board, with all it implies in redefining strategies and in a different way to assess and read business. Several members of our organization have been protagonists in this double revolution; internally testing and trying the advantages and benefits of these changes and new approaches, also helping broadcast them, creating what is nowadays called "favourable ecosystems” to its development and dissemination.

27 years later, Logistics and the Supply Chain are part of the daily routine of companies and their decisions, and also integrate traditional academic curriculums, including developments and specialisations in Postgraduate courses and MBAs. And Sonae will be present once again with the richness of the diversity of its businesses and value chains as well as its innovation capacity, the courage to break paradigms down and perform qualitative leaps, unafraid to implement and share them, involving all parties in the value chain, suppliers, clients, logistic operators, technological areas and HR management.

After 27 years, History does not repeat itself; it is reinvented with different protagonists, however founded in the same values and principles.

Raul Magalhães
Head of International Logistics

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