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2017 Preliminary Retail Sales

25 January 2018

Luís Moutinho, CEOSonae MC

"2017 was onceagain a positive year for Sonae MC with the continuous reinforcement of ourmarket leadership in such a demanding market environment. In line with ourexpectations, sales increased by 5.4% when compared to 2016, supported by a LfLsales growth of 1.2% and by the continuous expansion of our Continente Bom Diaproximity stores.

The LfL sales growth clearly shows the resultsof a stronger value proposition, namely the effective improvement of ourperishables’ quality as well as the price perception, confirmed by the lateststudy of DECO in which Sonae MC was recognised as the price leader in thePortuguese market”.

Miguel MotaFreitas, CEO Worten and Sonae S&F

"Worten ended aparticularly good year by surpassing sales of €1bn and a high single digit LfLgrowth. With this positive performance, Worten has been able to reinforce itsmarket share both in Portugal and Spain, in the online and offline channels.

Sports and Fashion division posted combinedsales growth of 11.7%, with positive LfL contributions from all fashion brands,in spite of the negative impact from October weather conditions”.

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