Innovation is central to our mission and set of values. We strive to continuously encourage the whole company to be involved in our innovation culture.

Innovation is clearly present throughout all of our business functions and activities, during which we keep generating, experimenting and implementing new ideas and solutions that, in turn, allow us to excel in the development of competitive businesses that create value for all stakeholders.

One of the most prominent and verifiable signs of the importance we give to innovation is the financial magnitude of our investment in research, development and innovation, an indicator that has exhibited a two-digit average annual growth rate since 2005, significantly higher than, the one observable on the group of the world’s 1000 largest companies in terms of their R&D+I spending.

To ensure the success of our innovation endeavours, we rely on the active participation of an increasing number of people, representing different areas and levels of the organisation, on the facilitation and acceleration of the innovation flux by a dedicated internal team and on the collaboration of an international open innovation network, already involving more than 150 partners in dozens of countries. 

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